Thursday, 26 April 2012

SO SORRY I HAVE BEEN MISSING IN ACTION & art work with my new house stamps

I haven't been doing any crafting of any sort for the last few weeks due to a very hectic home life, & it's been hectic at work too,
I don't really speak about personal stuff on my blog, as I think fellow crafter's are here to look at the art & craft stuff & not have me waffle on about me & mine (we all have our own issues & things going on)

but I feel I owe you all a little explanation, so to out line a little, my mum broke her back, & was in hospital for ages, now she is home I have to help her every day after work, my sister-in- law died unexpectedly at 42, leaving 3 of her children that were still at home & all under 18, with no where to live (long story) my niece had just had a baby of her own she was only 2 months old when it all happened, so they all moved in, my father-in-laws cancer came back & he died with in a month (more hospital visits & another funeral to go to) I work full time & have my husband & 15 year old son to look after, & all that goes with them as well, so I have been stretched pretty thin,
so no time for crafting,  for a lot of us, crafting is our own little quiet place to get away from every day life
(well it is for me) but there hasn't been enough hours in the day or the inclination to do it, my art & craft seems to be the first to be put on the back burner, when I have a lot going on, & the mojo theft comes & steels any ideas I have in my head.
any way enough about me,
Jennie (the artistic stamper) was so nice about letting me have a few weeks of of the design team,
thank you Jennie, I do appreciate your patience with me.
I am hoping to get back to it soon,
& while all my personal life has been messed up, I have also had my first set of stamp designs (houses) made into rubber, EXCITING they are now available to buy from the artistic stamper so my art work will be focusing on them I expect, LOL. I have submitted more designs in this range so if you like the houses the WATCH THIS SPACE, any way I have waffled on about me for long enough,
here is some art work
the first thing I have made with my house stamps for the artistic stamper creative team

here are some close ups of each panel. 

I have used distress inks to colour the whole thing in
& scraps of card,
the frame is a blank craft frame that I painted with black acrylic
paint & added some inka gold in antique silver to age it.

hope you like it!

Thanks for stopping by,
Back soon,
Kat x.

Here's some close up pictures of what's on this blog..

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