Monday, 11 October 2010


That's the question,

whats the difference, in my opinion not much,
they both do the same job,
I use them both with my distress inks all the time.

today I would like to show you the journey I have been on with both products.

We shall call them A,B & C,
A, being the biggest budget & C, being the most affordable,
I started off with C, & I am now the proud owner of, A (LOL)
This is the journey of how I got there,


bear with me on this post, I will make it worth your while, I promise,
it's longer than I thought it would be, because of my waffling (sorry)

OK, this is A,

In an ideal world, if money was no object we would all like to have
 36 blending tools & 5 spinners to hang them on
standing pride of place on our craft desk's (agreed ?)

the blending tools are (£4.99 each that totals £179.64)

& the shine spinney stands are(£17.99 each, that totals £89.95)

that's a grand total of £269.59 (What, I here you say)
(forgive me if I am a few penny's out, it's only an estimate on what I payed).

But we all have to compromise somewhere right,


Here is my pride & joy, set for all 36, for all 36 colours of distress inks,
my compromise here was the stands (saving me £90 quid give or take,

I store them in an A4 storage box that just happens to be the perfect fit.

I took a bit of time but I only bought mine with money I saved else were
(how did you do that I here you say)

well instead of reaching for the take away menu
(more times than I care to admit) I made myself cook,
(better for me & my family) saving around £10-£20 plus, per take away,
that's 2-4 blending tools every time, (I put the money in a jar)

When I was out shopping I would ask myself ,
can I live with out it ?,
It, being a top, or a magazine & a big bar of chocolate
that I didn't really need,
when the answer was yes, I came home & put the money in a jar,
that's another 2-3 blending tools I would say to myself,
(you will be surprised at how satisfying it is.)

OK you get the idea right.

Also, if any one asked me what I wanted for Christmas or birthdays
I would say blending tools,
(after the funny looks & questions a side,
you will be surprised how quickly they build up)
I even had blending tools for valentines day instead of flowers
because my husband new how much I wanted them (LOL)

As you can see from the picture
I have used the labels that I told you about in last weeks (tip or tech Tues)
I have also glued a punched out,coloured piece of grunge paper to each handle,
this enables me to see at a glance the colour I want to use.

OK this is B

while I was busy collecting all the tools,
I used this configuration to craft with,
ranger also sell packs of 10 foam pads on there own,
you would need 3 (at £4.99 each that's £14.97)
& 5 blending tools (at £4.99 each that's £24.95)
grand total of £39.92.
if you decide to go this way you will have saved around £230.00
& you still have a pad for each colour
you just need to change to colours you are using,

but by having 5 tools you can have 5 colours on the go all at once,
(lets face it when was the last time a project you made
had more than 5 distress ink colours on it )

as you can see from the picture below, I have still used the labels
but this time I have put each pad in its own little bag
(this is to stop any ink transference,
 because the ink stays wet for a long time on the pads)
I also used a sharpie pen to write the name of the ink on each pad
to avoid any confusion when using similar colours.

OK now we have C

to be honest I have used the cut & dry foam the most
only because that's all I had.
Before I made the decision to go for the blending tools.

1-2 sheets (under £10)
depending on the size you want the squares to be,

as you can see from to picture below
I wrote on each square the correct colour,
but it wears off, & you can see some ink transference
If you store the squares face to face it muddies up the square
so as you can see in the picture I store them back to back.

So I hope this has been some help to you,

Here's the good bit,
If you have managed to read all of this post
then you will be at the GIVE AWAY PART,
this is to help you in your quest for blending tools,

I have 2 sets of whats in the picture below to give away,
all you need to do is,

Become a follower to my blog,

Then leave a comment on this post,

If you are already a follower you will be entered twice into the draw,

As soon as I have 30 followers I will do the draw for one lot,
the second lot will be drawn on the Tues 9th November 2010,
so about a month,
hope you picked up a Tip or Two,

Well that felt like a marathon post LOL,
Back soon Kat x.


  1. Well I've just read through all your blog and on your first post you said you weren't very computer literate but I think you were telling a few fibs as your blog is amazing.
    You've been added to my favourites and I'll be back to check what you've been up too!!


  2. hee hee, you're too cute! that's awesome people would give you blending tools as gifts. i actually have one, i think. i tend to use make-up wedges and put them in little tiny baggies labeled with the color. i guess i haven't got the application technique down yet. thanks for sharing your tips. have a great week! *hugs* steph :)

  3. Love the storage idea....each colour foam in a little bag.....think I'm going to try that...and thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Your storage idea is so great!I have popped you in my sidebar in my log!! Oh fingers and toes and everything else crossed!!
    And i follow!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Candy great! Thanks for the chance! I really want to win! I hope to get lucky, I am your follower! Link posted on the sidebar!

  6. Loves Kathleen,

    first excuse please my English, but I hope, you can understand me: -)

    I landed by accident on your blog and I am totally enthusiastic! You make fantastically beautiful things, I love your Style, so marvelously and cleanly worked, I from now to immediately a pursuer of your blog became. I will by-look now repeatedly with you and me will look at, what you worked mad.

    I would like to participate very gladly in drawing your Candys by lots, which is so greatly and I would be pleased much, if I would win. Hopefully I have also times a luck! Your Candy left I immediately on my blog. You must check only right down; -)

    I hope, you visit my blog also times and if you like, you may leave also a comment to me. :-)

    Lovely Greetings from Germany

  7. What a fabulous idea to save money!!! Not to mention having that many blending tools would take up a ton of space! I'm a new follower now :) I found you blog surfing. Off to see your other posts :)

  8. I'm a new follower! Thanks Denise! :-)

  9. Great post! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Nice tips. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I too love the blending tools! I'd love to win another one. I'm following you now. Thanks for the giveaway, Shari (cricutrookie)

  12. Wonderful ideas for inks, thanks for the info and the give away, I am now a follower and am about to go back and look at older posts.

  13. I am a new follower and it seems like I made it in a nick of time... as I'm follower number 30!! Thanks for the chance. I love trying out new things!

  14. Okay I just became a follower because like my blog it all about getting people to you blog so you can show off your talent... I love you tip on blending tool and storage... passing on what you learned is always great for all of us

    The Scrapbooking QUeen

  15. love your storage idea! I so have this on my wish list but i'm still using make up sponge for each of my ink. I know this would work better on my projects. so i'm saying pretty please pick me. lol I became your follower.

  16. Love this money saving idea! I am going to try it. I spend way to much on 1 and 2 dollar items that I don't need and at the end of the week that would really add up. TFS

  17. I am a follower. Thank you for sharing your money saving tips and offering us a chance to win your generous giveaway!

  18. Kat, it was my pleasure to follow your blog. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your ideas! I am so very new to all of this and trying to figure out what to buy and how to save money is a big issue. You have taken a lot of that hassle out of the equation. I can't thank you enough for your ideas!
    Have a sunny day!
    Linda M

  19. This blending tool collection and organisation is impressive. I have a long way to go to catch up to you, as I have one blending tool.

    I am a follower of your blog. Thanks for the tips.

  20. Hi Kat,

    Congratulations that you reached 30 followers and I am the 37th followers. Guess I have to wait for the second lot draw. Great techniques you shared here and I hope to learn more tips from you!

    Evelyn @ Message Keeper

  21. wow!!! Very great candy!!! I linked it on sidebar
    I am a follower for a while now. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Hugs. Larisa.

  22. Very good tips, time to start my own scrappy savings jar :) I am a follower, thanks for the chance to win :)

  23. sono il la 40° follower... ;-) sono felice che il tuo traguardo sia stato raggiunto... non mi resta che incrociare le dita ciao

  24. Just found your blog and I'm now a follower.

  25. Already a follower....
    I had a similar dilemma and tried to make up my own little storage options, but in the end I had to but the inkssential spinner, it's just fab. And every now and again I treated myself to some blendng tools, builds up over time. Like your idea of the box thoughthats pretty cool.
    Thanks for the chance of winning! Anika x

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