Monday, 25 October 2010


Hi all,
I have had a few questions in the comments
about the bottle cap embellishment I made for this tag,
So I thought I would talk you through it,

Yes it is a normal bottle cap from beers
that were consumed at my Nephews 21st birthday party,
I was going around collecting them from everyone,
(by the end of the night I had
everyone coming to me, my pockets were stuffed)

Here's just a few to show you.

I have used the same type of cap for this demo as I used for the tag
(just to keep it simple)

It's silver on the outside & gold on the inside,

I used my bug with plates A & C
to do the initial squish,

Run through once,

This is what it comes out like,
(it's OK but not quite neat enough for me yet)

I took my pliers
& gently squeezed the last bits, to even it all out.

here's a different angle,

this is what the underside looks like,

There's a rubbery plastic part, you can leave it in if you wish,
but I wanted the gold to show
so I pulled it off,

the remaining glue, I found came right off
 if you scratched it with your finger nail,

I chose to cut a clock from Tim's lost & found paper stack,

Glue it on with glossy accents,

I pushed a poky tool through the middle
(watch your fingers)
then added a game spinner.

I hope I have explained that clear enough,
& I hope you all find this useful,

next time you have a party save the bottle caps,
there's so many things you can do with them,
& the best part is, there free,

I would love to hear what you think,
& know what you would use them for,
please leave me a comment,
I always look back on posts (about a month or so)
 to see if there are any new comments,
(I hope that doesn't make me come off as being to desperate lol)
I do love to here from you.

well that's it for today,
thanks for stopping by,
Kat x.


  1. Thanks for the tips! I don't know if I will try it (don't have any caps), but it looks cool!

  2. Kat, Thanks so much for the great tutorial. I've seen the caps used before, but I like how you squished yours down. I'll definately try this one, I'd use them on different projects, maybe canvas, wood plaques. etc. Shari (cricutrookie)


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