Wednesday, 2 February 2011


....Well at least I think it is,

I have been looking at other peoples journals all round blog land
for quite some time now, in absolute awe,

I especially like the style of Dyan Reaveley (I have bought a lot of her products
which include, the new stamp sets, her acrylic paints & spray inks
& most of her downloads)
I have had them on my work desk for ages,
but I have been to much of a chicken to crack it all open & have a go.

Well I finally plucked up the courage yesterday
& tried the paints on some paper scraps I had laying around (I firkin loved then)
but I didn't have a journal to make a page with,
so I pretty much left it there & went on to something else.

A while later I thought, I'm sure I read somewhere
(it could have been on Dyan's blog)
of people using old ledgers & dictionaries to do there journaling in,
so I dug out some old children's books I got from a car boot (6 for £1)
& thought that's a good size for me, not to big & not to small,
no the book I chose to use was not Goldie locks & the three bears (lol)
It was in fact Heidi,


I felt the pages were a bit thin so I stuck 2 pages together  
with Claudine Hellmuth studio multi medium (matte)

then coated a few pages with gesso,
because I read that's what your supposed to do (I think!)

Any way I thought what have I lost if it all goes horribly wrong?
(less than 20p a bit of glue & a bit of gesso, to be precise lol

I didn't want to take ages covering the cover
because I just wanted to get started on a page, 
so I just stuck some handmade paper inked over with vintage photo distress ink
to the front & the spine,
 at this point it could have all still been going in the bin,

Well I'm sure if you have stuck with me on this waffle of a post
you know it worked,

Here's my first ever journal page,

The stamps & downloads I used can be bought from

I can't believe how much satisfaction I got out of making this page,
I keep looking at it & smiling (lol) what am I like, little things & all that,
I can definitely see why people get addicted to art journaling.

Here's a picture of pretty much what I used for the background,

& here's the background before I jazzed it up,

Hope you like it!

Two other blogs I have been looking at in total awe lately are
Kate Crane's  the kathryn wheel
& Sue Roddis jabberwocky
go check these talented ladies out.

Well that's about it for today,
thanks for sticking with me on this one (lol).

Thanks for stopping by,
Back soon,
Kat x.


  1. Glad you persevered as the result is brilliant! I'll still pretty skittish about journals but I am beginning to really enjoy doing them more and more! Looking forward to seeing more....

  2. this is brilliant!!!! such a good idea, I am really wanting to do journaling too...I am the same as yet I have no book, I think I may now need to have a dig around my loft and see what old books I can find.....also I need to invest on some gesso!! LOL!! Hugs Juls


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