Monday, 27 June 2011


Hi all,
I can't believed it's been a week since my last post,
I haven't crafted all week,
I have been busy doing other things,
I have been sketching my first ever girl that's in proportion, lol
& that's thanks to a course I bought at (this is a fab place to visit)
the course is fabulous faces (I have learnt so much)

This sketch is what you do after just one lesson,
(How fab is that!)
the next lesson is to draw & paint a person with acrylics
(hoping to get that done this week)
go check it out HERE you get the whole course on DVD
so you can do it at your own pace (cool ha!)

I have also bought wonderful world of whimsy
(haven't looked at it yet)
& also Paint, Art & Soul
more on that tomorrow.

Any way just wanted to let you know
what I have been up to,
the sun is shinning, it's a glorious day
& all is good in my little world.
 Thanks for stopping by,
Back soon,
Kat x.

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