Saturday, 7 January 2012


Hi all,
Today I am shearing my first page
that I painted for my life book, year long art journal course,
if you don't know what it's all about,
you can click HERE to find out, & sign up,
it's never to late as you can join in & start at any time,
because the classes stay there for you to download
& take at your own pace.
Plus as an added bonus,
depending on which package you sign up to,
you can take 1,2 or 3 of Tams past courses (of your choice)
cool hay, so get your behind over THERE & check it out.
Don't worry if you are a beginner, like me as all
skill levels are welcome.

This is the first time I have painted a face after sketching one,
& this is only my second ever sketch,
(the first was done in the fab faces course
{one of Tam's other courses} I only done week one then lost my nerve)
so as this life book course is running live,
I am determined to be brave, & keep up with it.

Here's my first page, (it's a fold out)

I am not giving any details on how I achieved the page
or what I used, as it would spoil your experience of LIFE BOOK
when you take the course for yourself.

Hope you like it!
I am pleased with her as a first attempt

I can already tell after just one lesson,
this course is going to teach me so much,
& expand my knowledge of not just art & painting skills,
but products as well, as there are over 15 different teachers
throughout the year I am going to learn so many
different approaches & styles of art & painting.
Keep coming back if you are interested
in seeing more about what I'm up to in this course,
as there is something to do each week or two
I am going to post regularly.
[now I have said it I am more likely to do it (lol)}
Thanks for stopping by,
Back soon,
Kat x.


  1. this is fabulous!! I love your drawing!! Hugs Juls

  2. This is beautiful. You are very talented.

  3. Hi Kat
    i have been reading your blog for a few months & it's brilliant to know that you are the Life Book 2012 course too !
    I had a go at my first page yesterday & as you say I learned loads - my trouble is I think I will be rubbish at drawing & painting so I don't even try ! I've taken the course to force me to DO stuff & try & if it isn't good - well at least I have learnt on the way ! Your page is lovely - have faith in yourself ! I'll keep stopping by to check that you aren't giving up ! Would love it if you could do the same for me !!
    Have fun ! Ali in Wales
    PS have you any idea how I post my page in the Flikr group - I have joined Flikr, uploaded the photo to somewhere (think it is my personal photo album there but I don't know how it works!) I think I have joined the Life Book group but it doesn't seem to know I have & I can't see how to add my photo !


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