Monday, 16 January 2012


Hi all,
Just some info today,
& no pics (sorry) well maybe just one.

Just before Christmas I said I was going to start a journal,
& try to create a page each week, or at worst each fortnight,
well I have started it (my first page will show up here in a few days)
but first I wanted to tell you about the book I have decided to use
I was going to buy a moleskine journal
but after some research I found some people say that they fall apart,
& that you can't get them too wet (because the pages buckle)
I then tried some others,
& finally settled on this one because of it's size & it's weight of pages,
it is 150g/m2 & 101lbs, it has 62 pages, it's acid free cartridge paper,
the pages feel nice & thick as well as smooth, & the book is a reasonable price.
here's a pic of the label on my A4 book,
which I haven't been brave enough to use yet, but is exactly the same.

so far I have made a few pages using
all sorts of different mediums & the pages hold up
very well, if I use distress ink then i don't use a
gesso over the page, unless I want a more subtle colour,
if I used acrylic paint, neo color 2 crayons or ink
sprays then I have given the page a base of gesso,
I have also just bought a product called adsorbent ground made by golden,
I will let you know how I get on with that as I go.

I hope this info has been a help to someone,
see you soon with my first page.

Thanks for stopping by,
Back soon,
Kat x.

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