Tuesday, 2 November 2010


I thought I would show you something
I came up with for the card on the last post,

because I didn't have the right colour distress embossing powder.

I only have these 3 colours, & I decided I needed black.

I love the distress embossing powders but sometimes
I find them a bit unpredictable
because you can't control what bits stick & what bits rub off,

Here's what I used

rub the anti static pad over the card
& then stamp your image,

sprinkle the embossing powder over the image,
tip off excess,then put excess powder back into pot.

using a poky tool or the end of your scissors
lightly scratch off where you don't want the powder to remain,

this is also a fab technique for light & shade,
also if you want something to look like it has a shine.

heat the image with your heat gun,
then cut it out.

take a blending tool & blend over the image
to make the edges less prominent & also aged,

this is the end result,

I hope you find this useful in your crafting,
you can adapt this to any image or colour scheme.

that's it for now,
Kat x.

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