Saturday, 1 January 2011

HEL'S SHERIDAN in my spot light

Hi to all,and a happy new year it's 2011,

I would like to show you what came in the post for me yesterday,

How lucky am I?
A few weeks ago on Hel's blog which is
but it's called
she was doing this piece as a give away,
all you needed to do was leave a comment
& I was very lucky to have won.

It's going to have pride of place in my craft room
along side the ATC that I received a month or so ago from her.

There's a story behind this one,
it's not the original
(the original was swallowed up in what we call royal mail)
never to be seen or herd from again,

I emailed Hel's to say I hadn't received it,
& she got straight on making & sending out this one,
(how nice of her was that)

I was also lucky enough to get a flower broach
at ally pally made by Hel's

On the the artistic stamper stand,
(if you spent a certain amount you got a flower
wrapped in tissue, you had to open it to see what colour it was,
if it was gold you got a goody bag,
Alas mine was orange not gold)

So now in my craft room I have a shelf
paying homage to the wonder that is Hel's Sheridan
with my 3 pieces (lol)

The shelf is about 10 feet long so there is plenty of room
for more,
other peoples work is very welcome (lol)

I have one other piece on said shelf,
it's by Linda Brown of LB Crafts,

The shelf is going to have an unavailing ceremony
later this week to my long suffering family of my craft obsession,
then for ever more it will be known as the,

(just like the aliens in toy story worship the claw
mine will be the shelf LOL)

Hope you enjoyed the stalker side of my personality today lol
Hel's is such an inspiration to lots of people
& such a lovely person
go check her out AT HER BLOG

thanks for sticking with me on this post,
back very soon Kat x.


  1. Aw Kat, bless you!!! I am honoured that you spotlighted (or is it spotlit???) me!!! Thank you so much for being so lovely - you made me have a big fat grin on my chops now :O)) Have a wonderful new year and hoping the old flu lurgy has gone now xx

  2. Love your detailed journal instructions Kat. Your LO is looking brilliant. Can't wait to see it with journalling done. jeanie g xx


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