Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Hi guy's, it's week six of card template Tuesday,
I thought I would wrap the template series up,
for two reasons really, the first reason is, I get bored easily (lol)
& the second reason is, I haven't had a single comment left on any of these posts,
so I thought I would do a different series for a while & see if I get any response from that.

I have decided to do a TIPS OR TECHNIQUES TUESDAY instead,
how dose that sound?
I will post it every Tuesday for the foreseeable future,
& it will have a Tip or Technique to cover each week with step by step photos where possible,

So back to today's post,
I have 6 cards & templates ready to post, so I thought I may as well post them all today,& put the series to bed (lol)

If you have just stumbled across my blog & missed the series,
here is a link back to week one so you can read all the instructions on making the templates,
because I am only going to show the pictures today & not all the ins and outs, because it would just be a load of repeat writing,
(I think I may fall asleep writing it, let alone loose you because there is to much to read lol).

so here are the cards followed by the templates.

card number 1,

card number 2,

card number 3,

card number 4,

card number 5,

card number 6,

phew that was a long haul LOL,

OK that's me done, I'm off to start planing the first week of
back soon Kat x.

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