Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I'm so excited, I can't tell you how much,
I got a package in the post today from the amazingly talented & awesome, Wendy Vecchi,

Lets see what's inside shall we,

Oh wow, how fab are these chipboard buttons,
& look the pearl buttons are self adhesive, how easy will they be to use,

Look at these mini paper packs how cool,

I need to have a closer look,

this pack is called vintage red line, how lucky am I,
these papers are so versatile, such cool patterns,

this pack is called red/black line extensions, I love the bird's,

this pack is called, vintage cream line, such cool designs

these papers will be perfect for small projects,
they are so detailed even though they are only 4x4 inches,
I'm so pleased they are mine (tee hee he).

so what did I do to deserve such a parcel, I hear you say,
all I did was comment on Wendy's blog & then on Jenni's blog 

I follow Wendy on her blog like a stalker,
& I try to leave comment's as often as I can on her inspiring work,

I left a comment on a post entitled, 3rd happy post,
the post was about a piece of art Wendy made using some of Jenni's products,
I hopped over to Jenni Bowlin's blog as directed in the post,& left her a comment too.
I then thought no more about it.

A few day's later I clicked on Wendy's blog as I usually do,
& there it was , my comment sitting there bold as brass for all to see,
(note to self, use spellcheck when commenting in future) lol
& Wendy was asking me to contact her with my details, so she could sent me a prize,

I was so excited, after the initial jumping up & down with a big smile on my face,
I had to look back on the original post to read it again (properly this time) to see what I had won.
how funny is that, I must have subconsciously glossed over that part of the post , thinking I'll never win (lol)

So I'm off to email Wendy to say a big thank you for taking the time to send me the prize,
& say it arrived safe & sound,
I can't wait to use Jenni's fab papers,
Back soon Kat x.

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