Tuesday, 28 September 2010


OK Peeps, here is week one,
it's a money saving tip when mounting your rubber stamps.

In the instruction's of kling on or u-mount it states to stick the sheet of rubber to the sticky side of the u-mount & then cut out with scissors (as you know the scissors get all gunged up, its hard to cut close & your hands ache) you also use a lot more u-mount than is relay needed.

So here's how I do it.
here I am mounting 4 A5 sheets of stamps that would need 2 A4 sheets of u-mount,

I cut my stamps out before I put them on the u-mount,
that way I am able to get a much closer cut with the scissors,
it doesn't hurt my hands & it takes less time as I am not having
to go through 2 layers with sticky gunged up scissors,
I then spend time arranging the stamps on the u-mount
to get maximum coverage
(if you place them lightly you can move them around if necessary)

as you can see in this next picture
I only used one A4 sheet & about 1/3 of the second sheet of u-mount

this means I have 3/4 of a sheet left for other stamps,
that I would have used if I had mounted them the recommended way.

I then use a craft knife & cutting mat to cut them out,
it's easy because the stamp on top acts as a cutting guide,
I always start with a new blade as well.


When you have odd shape stamps etc,
you can't help but leave gaps sometimes,
don't through the waist away, save them,
Here you can see from a previous cutting session what I have saved.
& how I have placed some of the stamps from the next plate I am going to cut out, on the bits I would normally have chucked in the bin.

the strips were from when I was mounting background stamps
and only had slivers left (perfect for sentiments etc)

as you can see quite a lot of the plate is now already mounted just on scraps.

here is what is left to mount, It has taken half the space.

so here's what I put in the rest of the space, 2 A6 stamp plates
& I used some more scrapes for the smaller stamps,

So in conclusion,
I have only used 2 A4 u-mount sheets to mount 5, A5 stamp plates
& 2, A6 stamp plates as well as scrapes that I would have thrown in the bin,
& I still have 1/4 of a sheet left for another day.

I have mounted this picture's worth of stamps for free,
or saved the equivalent of over one full sheet of u-mount that costs around £4.00
(money towards more stamps me thinks, tee hee he!!!) 

I hope I didn't lose you along the way of explaining that,
it makes perfect sense to me,
I save stress on my hands & most inportantly money that can go towards more crafty stash,
hope you find this usefull please leave me comments, I would love to read what you think.

come back next week, it's all about destress ink.
back soon Kat x.

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