Thursday, 7 April 2011


Hi all,
just a quick post today to let you know my
latest adiction,
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new paint fusion range,
Who new I could paint poppies?
if you haven't heard of this,
it's by Sheena Douglass, A very talented lady (I have lot's of her stamps)
& I have watched her in awe for about the last 5years or so
on Create & craft TV & at shows,
Sheena has just launched this fab range & it's AMAZING
go check out her blog
(there's some relay cool stuff on there, videos/ tutorials/ ideas gallery etc)
& she has an online shop.

Here's my first Paint Fusion Creation,

I bought the DVD & exclusive stamp set
off create & craft .TV
(the pick of the day sold out so fast, this was all that was left)
as soon as it arrived I watched it (in awe I may add)
& new I had to have the full range,
so with some birthday money,& rainy day money,
I ordered the lot.

Now on the DVD Sheena says
you progress through the stamps up to the poppies,
but me being me, went straight there,
I jumped head first (lol)
& this is the result.

Well even if I do say so myself
I think this turned out pretty fab,

So go check it out,
get hooked, then come back & tell me all about it.

That's it, just wanted to shear that with you,
I'm off to have a go at painting daisy's LOL.

Thanks for stopping by,
Back soon,
Kat x.


  1. This is stunning, off to take a peek at her site.

  2. I love this card. I love poppies too so it is doubly gorgeous!

  3. This is stunning, ive met sheena in person at the stitches show she is lovely and its amazing how simple she makes things look, not that ive given it a go but your looks gorgeous

  4. What a lovely card, my Aunt would love it as poppies are her favourite flowers.

  5. Hi Kat,

    I just wanted to say i have just stumbled upon your blog and this card and i think its gorgeous, well done you!! I did the same thing, i went straight to the poppies after i had nearly thrown my paintbrush countless times cause i couldnt do the berries leaves!! supposed to be the easiest....thinking i had nothing to lose i went for it and they turned out better than i had hoped for. we can do it Kat!!! yippee.......well i had so many friends off my blog and on FB that i decided to run my own group on FB, i am actually one of Sheena's designers but the group is my invention, just somewhere fusioneers, lol, could show their accomplishments,get tips and techniques, and just generally share your wisdom with each other and its coming along nicely, we already have approx 170 members, over 150 were joined on the first night! if you would like to join contact me on my FB or email @
    vicky mcclean (FB) or
    hope to catch up with you real soon, oh and im now following your blog, maybe you could pay me a visit when you have some time, nice meeting you Kat!!! Hugs, Vick xxxx

  6. I stopped by your blog to admire your Tim inspired hanging for The Stampman challenge, which is absolutely stunning by the way and didn't get further than admiring these amazing poppies. Well done you. I'd never have believed these were your first attempt.
    Like Vick above, I got stuck on berry leaves too and nearly gave in before diving into Sweetpeas instead and loved the result. The Poppies are next on the list so watch this space!!!!!
    Hugs Lisax

  7. Hiya Kat! Totally did not realize this was your blog..I was already a follower! lol Nice to see you at ally pally! Get some designs on paper ;p Sam x

  8. I love poppies, and i just love what you've done with this piece. Beautiful x
    Was lovely to meet you, and i've just noticed we have the same taste in books and are the same star sign lol


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