Friday, 13 August 2010

A T C's I can't part with.....

I thought I would share with you two ATC's I made & couldn't part with.
I know it's not the done thing to keep them but I cant help it, they were the
first two ATC's I ever made & they fell like my baby's
( I know, I'm nut's but I get so attached, LOL, is it just me ??? )
anyway I have swapped lots so I don't feel that bad,

OK, confession over, back to the post.

I thought I would do a little step by step on the background I used on both of them.

Step One,
Screw up your paper, then flatten out again.

Step Two,
Direct to paper Technique (which means, rub an ink pad over the paper just hitting the high points.)

Step Three,
Grab your craft or travel iron, & iron flat.

Step Four,
Stamp any design over the top.

How easy is that & such a cool affect.

Well thats it for today,
Kat x.

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