Thursday, 12 August 2010

TEN SECOND STUDIO METAL, Love it Love it Love it !!!

This 3 draw chest is my first attempt at TSS Metal & I'm loving it.

The chest came from,yes you guest it, a car boot sale for £1.50 bargain hay !! it was in a bit of a sorry state.

I sanded then painted the chest with black acrylic paint,
I then put a watered down brown paint over the top so it wasn't so stark,
& it gave it a kind of weathered wood look.

I drew around the draws, face down on a sheet of dark brown metal,
I then took a big momma mould with words on & embossed live & love & a kabuka alphabet mould to emboss the laugh,
here is a picture of the four moulds I used for the whole project,

I then embossed a whole design over the 3 draw fronts to keep the pattern going I just moved the mould over to the left & embossed it again.

I then measured the top of the chest in the same way & embossed it with another mould.

Next I sanded the high points to reveal the silver under the brown coated metal, I got the alcohol ink & blending tool, & only rubbed it on certain sections,
next I filled the back with ploy filler so it makes it more durable (waited for that to dry) then covered the metal with humungo tape, & stuck each piece to the corresponding draw,
then cut them out with a craft knife, 
I then burnished the edges with a paper stump, I did the same with the top section. then all that was left was to screw the knobs on. job done.

Don't worry if I lost you along the way, or you are not sure of any techniques or terminology I have used
go over to ten seconds studio & watch there videos, all will become clear,
that's what I did & it gave me the confidence to have a go. ( now I'm hooked. )
But beware the duo over there are crazy (but so much fun)
Don't forget I warned you.LOL.
Well that's it from me, I would love to read your comments
Kat x.

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